Endgame - Endgame EP


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"Endgame is the self titled debut EP form the London based producer and DJ. A regular on NTS with his show ‘Precious Metals’, Endgame has been developing an uncompromising sound that resists categorisation and definition.

Born out of club culture, he is pursuing acceleration and experimentation in dance music. Utilising a disparate sound palette, that references kizomba, grime, reggaeton, drill and dancehall, finding a commonality in their rawness and energy.

Emerging from a renegade scene in South London, that includes Lexxi, Kamixlo, Uli-k and Blaze Kidd, Endgame seeks to reinvent the club soundscape, pulling apart the conventions of tempo, time signature, and genre."

a1. Unlikd Riddim

a2. Sniper Riddim

a3. Koi

aa1. Sniper Redux x Kamixlo (ft Blaze Kidd & Uli-K)

aa2. Luxury Riddim

aa3. Sniper Riddim (Dinamarca Remix)