ENA - Divided: Mind (CD)


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Released 24th March 2017

Ena revisits his Divided series with 2 unique releases compiling highlighted dissections of his live performances, further developed into individual tracks. 

HOROEX5 - Divided: Mind stretches out Ena’s singular vision with 13 introspective slices of developed ambience. Fresh from collaborating with Rashad Becker for the Atonal Tokyo edition, Divided: Mind contains the kind of innovation that allows Ena to adapt perfectly to this electronic improvisation environment.

01. 15th Divided

02. 16th Divided

03. 17th Divided

04. 18th Divided

05. 19th Divided

06. 20th Divided

07. 21st Divided

08. 22nd Divided

09. 23rd Divided

10. 24th Divided

11. 25th Divided

12. 26th Divided

13. 27th Divided