Emery Warman - From My House to Miami


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‘From My House to Miami' EP is the latest offering of Underground Audio, featuring two grooving originals by the noted tech-house force Emery Warman, as well as two heavyweight remixes by WHYT NOYZ and Caleb Calloway. The masterful works by the three artists featured within this EP truly capture their signature sound, delivering a selection of tracks that are open to a vast variety of application.

The two originals 'My House and 'Miami Connection' are formidable tech-house weapons in their own right. The first of the two is hard-hitting and filled with energy from the very beginning. A vicious, thick, and warped bassline fills the track, while a sharp, acid influenced synth offers a catchy rhythm throughout.

Completed with offerings of edgy build-ups and slick vocal samples, the track is geared to fill rooms with energy at any time of the night.

‘Miami Connection' is played with a slick selection of percussive patterns that run throughout the track, forming a fast-paced theme from the very start. The track truly comes into full force with the inclusion of a fat kick that accentuates the thick and energetic bassline.

Long and intensified build-ups throughout the track add to the charisma of the original, making it a well-rounded tech-house track.

Remixes of 'Miami Connection' by Caleb Calloway and WHYT NOYZ take the track on two very unique paths.

Filled with groove, Caleb's punchy remix builds the heat through an increased tempo and an addictive bassline layered on top of the stripped back original. WHYT NOYZ take the track on a techno journey - suspenseful build-ups followed by powerful kicks, on top of a pulsating and upbeat bass groove make this track perfect for the heavier techno sets.