Electric Machine - Disco Fashion [Official 180 grams Re Issue]


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Release Date: TBC 2018

"Disco Fashion" is certainly one of the rarest, obscure and mysterious record ever produced in Italy. At the same time one of the most experimental and psychedelic recording mixed in a classic disco style. The author is unknown; his name doesn't tell us anything or anyone we can associate to him. The musicians were most probably turnists (amazing turnists I mean) with fantasy names. The name "Electric Machine" was used only for this project as far as we know, as well as for the label. The founder of the publishing company who licensed the reissue passed away and the family carrying on the business is not aware of any stories behind this project. What better occasion to loose yourself to the listening of this incredible find?

a1. Disco Fashion

a2. Fancy Good

a3. To Squeeze Through

a4. Briskness

b1. It's Worth It's Weigh In Gold

b2. Space Ship

b3. Playfully

b4. Rocking Chair

b5. Off The Track