El Mahdy Jr. - Time To Sell The Gold Teeth LP


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Released 31st March 2017

After a flurry of releases over the past 4 years for the likes of Deep Medi, Zam Zam Sounds, Danse Noir, and most recently for Discrepant with his acclaimed long-form abstraction "Ghost Tapes," El Mahdy Jr. returns to Boomarm Nation for an anticipated follow up to his internationally praised and sought-after 2013 debut LP "The Spirit of Fucked Up Places”.

With "Time to Sell the Golden Teeth," El Mahdy Jr. continues where he left off with an evolving palette of rough hewn-beats unburdened by genre constraints, thick atmospherics, and a very deep and dubwise center of gravity. Drawing from the sounds of his cultural background, and the daily grind of living in an increasingly loud and hostile capitalist world, the sounds presented here display the deft evolution of an ambitious young beat maker and experimentalist into a poised, focused, and selfless artist who places his emphasis on the emotion and energy of sound and place over the wild self importance of being an "artist".

1. Revolt Yourself

2. Time To Sell The Gold Teeth

3. Primitive Methods

4. Perfectly Chased

5. Baat'in (ft. HAMORABI 13th IMAM)

6. Eternal Here amd Now

7. Perishan

8. Passenger

9. Ashik