Dwaallicht - Welkin EP


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Analogical Force

Released 11th March 2016

Six years after 'We Miss You' and 'The Shimmering Hour' on the Rephlex camp, the Aphex Twin-approved producer is back exploring spectral acid-ish territories, intricate drum patterns with thick synths, nervous breaks and rhythms, nostalgic rising-falling melodies. Dwaallicht doesn't hide his influences; AFX, Squarepusher and Mike Paradinas are obvious reference points, but add Tangerine Dream, Phuture 303 or Mr Fingers to the mix and you'll get a sense of the scope of Reid's personal vision.

01. Humidex

02. 32614

03. Firmanent

04. Debt Loop

05. Cyclic Ester (Xylol Mix)