Duccio - Late Night Swing EP


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Release Date: 16th February 2018

Greta Cottage New Boy Duccio LP jumps into the fray.

Flipping a girthy cut & bringing together a pack of melody heavy boompty tech house arse wobblers.

Proceedings begin with Late Night Swing - a delicately laced flutey chugging acid pumper ... chunky for those big rig nights.

Proggy as you like Hypeway follows the beauty of spaceways, twinkly and fuzzy like the morning after.

Sambao brings solid mid west rave gear to mind.. prepped for a wig top knock off the old block.

It sounds extatic in Jediland, can't feel me legs - go and make some friends in the toilets, then stagger back to the fray…

a1. Late Night Swing

a2. Hypeway

b1. Sambao

b2. Jediland