Dubkasm - Shady Grove (2nd Edition) [12" Vinyl LP]


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Available: 4th December 2020

The accumulation of months of hard work down in the Dubkasm studio, Shady Grove is a homage to Bristol’s St. Paul’s, and the many places of inspiration, culturally and musically, that it offered to the likes of Stryda & Digi, especially during the 90’s….

“We dedicate this album to the community of St Pauls in Bristol, now being stifled by gentrification. We hope this LP is a musical window into a time when the neighbourhood, despite being plagued by poverty and constant racist intrusion from the authorities, had an energy, a rebellious spirit and nightlife that inspired the music which has made Bristol world famous.”

Musically speaking, this LP is purpose built for the Dub LP format – stick on the record and let it play from start to finish, with no interruption!

Shady Grove, whilst inimitably ‘Dubkasm’ all the way – nods to the benchmarks and signature styles of original dubwise production – wether that’s a vintage tape-delayed, spring reverb’d analog sound as we know it from the founders of dub during the 70s, or a wicked & wild chain of digital effects, as heard in the later 80’s and during the 90’s, by producers such as Sly & Robbie or Philip ‘Fattis’ Burrel, the name behind the Exterminator label.

Another proud factor is the inclusion of so many great recording artists – from Dub Judah to Blood Shanti, through to Tom Fenech (the Victory Hornsman) and Rider Shafique, who appears on the title track, a previously unreleased dubwise cut of ‘Enter The Gates’, the LP features a whole heap of singers and players of instruments, just like the best of the dub LPs.

The LP is one of those that you’ll be able to stick on in years to come – a highly enjoyable listen and a true masterclass in dub technique, Dubkasm style!

Heavyweight vinyl
Hand-stamped paper inner sleeve.
Mastered & cut by Lewis at Stardelta.
Comes with 12″ x 12″ b&w printed insert, with a special text from Dubkasm explaining the background history behind each track title.

a1. Dubkasm - Shady Grove

a2. Dubkasm - Go Deh Drummie

a3. Dubkasm - Magnum

a4. Dubkasm - Ajax Blues

a5. Dubkasm - Malaap Dub

b1. Dubkasm - Tarzan The High Priest

b2. Dubkasm - Gaffa’s Yard

b3. Dubkasm - Black Door

b4. Dubkasm - Crystal Dove