Dubiosity - Subornation of Perjury


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Released 28th April 2017

Subonation of Perjury is the latest in the series of heart wreching Techno releases from Dubiosity for Planet Rhythm. Like always, this release is heavily concentrated on touching synth's and growing melodies that might leave the listener in a euphoric gaze. It's Dubiosity's signature to combine dark and intense techno rhythms with layers of melodic goodness. Throughout the whole EP this style is present. Elysian Fields is the darkest cut of them all but also here a vivid choir comes through to mellow things down. Pjotr G and Dubiosity join forces for a remix of Remy Kruijer's ''Ho Chi Minh'' on the B2.

a1. Subornation of Perjury

a2. War of the Usurper

b1. Elysian Fields

b2. Remy Kruyer - Ho Chi Minh (Dubisoity & Pjotr G Remix)