Dubiosity - Denying the Antecedent EP


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Released 2nd December 2016

For the 9th instalment in the PRRUKWHT series, Holland based Dubiosity makes his re-appearance on the Planet Rhythm imprint with the 4 tracks spanning ''Denying The Antecedent EP''. For the A1 ''Richter Scale'' the Dutch producer goes into very atmospheric territories with a pad based track that keeps on building whilst maintaining an overall mellow vibe. Title track Denying the Antecedent is a more dubbed out operation which cleverly uses non 4X4 drum patterns and crawling synth blops. This track is also based upon an utterly atmospheric pad sound. ''Juxtaposed'' is a more firm track that's somewhat tense but also with a smooth ambiance. 'Sunk Cost Fallecy' serves as the more aggressive and paranoid closing down.

a1. Richter Scale

a2. Denying the Antecedent

b1. Juxtaposed

b2. Sunk Cost Fallecy