DubDiggerz - Spear Dub / InTemi


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Release Date: 6th October 2017

Full force photosynthesis - Foamplate’s Plantpower Records is back for another round. The second installment, catalogued ‘PLANTPOWER002’, welcomes the brilliant duo out of Slovenia by the name of DubDiggerz. Themselves already having had critical acclaim with their recent debut on venerated label GourmetBeats and repeated support by tastemakers such as J:Kenzo, Rinse.FM - the double-trouble delivers botanical vinyl grooves bathed in capsaicin - hot!

Starting off with the A-Side’s ‘Spear Dub’ - the murky atmosphere presents itself lateral to an archaic snare-esque percussion element. Loitering alongside a steady kick drum, the arrangement leaps and hurls itself against the shattered soundscape. Supremely dubbed, only the most essential elements remain in unequalled quality. Tending to the low frequency content, a cutthroat bassline deserts its superfluous upper harmonic content, leaving the mid-range free to be swept around by atmospheric echoes, reverberations and alterations thereof, continuously changing their tone ever so tastefully - a living, breathing entity.

‘InTemi’ - a title as mystical as its corresponding music. Entranced by the unadulterated weight of being swept into the spooky low-end upheaval, keen listeners will find themselves hypnotized by alluring melancholy, embalmed in space. Metallic lead stabs propel their anguish as the percussive movement speeds up its pace. Meaningful vocal chants tremble through a thunderous cut, expertly woven into the dreadful soundscape DubDiggerz mean to summon. Arranged as a journey, the flipside of ‘PLANTPOWER002’ smoothly travels from scenery to scenery, with relentless sub oscillations as its steady companion.

This release has been mastered by Jason at Transition Mastering.

a1. Spear Dub

b1. InTemi