Dub Syndicate - Displaced Masters [LP]


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Available: 15th January 2021

Unreleased archival tracks from the On-U vaults! This LP illuminates the early development of one of the flagship acts on the label, allowing some truly magnificent versions to be heard for the first time. Mostly stripped-back raw takes, they highlight the rock solid rhythm foundation laid down by such incredible players as Style Scott and Charlie Eskimo Fox, as well as three vital soul-in-the-echo-chamber interjections from the late, great Bim Sherman. Essential early-80s dub damage.

a1. Boggled Minds
a2. Honey Version
a3. Money Dealer
a4. No Flash
b1. Subway Style
b2. Haunted Ground
b3. All Other Roads Are Shut Off
b4. Keep You Rocking
b5. Red Sea Dub