Dub Dynasty - Dub Cure // KUT


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Expected 22nd July 2016

ZamZam Sounds’ Tracy and Ezra have been close followers of Alpha & Omega and Alpha Steppa from day.  ZamZam is well-pleased to finally be able to present two exclusive tunes from the UK powerhouse.  Now three fantastic albums deep via Steppas Records, Dub Dynasty is composed of Alpha Steppa and Alpha & Omega (Alpha Steppa’s father and aunt).  Two generations of UK dub combine for a sound with roots in orthodox 80s UK sound system, pushed into new post-dubstep territory.

For their debut ZamZam the trio unearthed two early sessions, recorded and mixed during the formative months of the Dub Dynasty project.  Unreleased until now, these two staunchly 140 pounders marry the weight of classic A&O to the digital space and sensibility of Alpha Steppa for maximum pressure in the dance.

Dub Cure combines the bucolic ambience of Christine Omega’s chickens (!!) with majestic horns and an absolutely storming steppers kit.  The massive bassline propels a stripped yet anthemic tune for sound systems of every size and stripe.  Named for "the ritual performed by Korean shamans, involving offerings and sacrifices to the gods and ancestor worship, rhythmic movements, songs, oracles and prayers,” Kut (굿) is powered by a driving riddim that skillfully rides the knife edge between steppers and one drop, featuring a detuned melodica figure alongside plucked guitar, punk skanks and the masterful dubbing we expect from this regal concern.

a. Dub Cure

b. KUT