Dub Conductor & Digistep - Fyah ft Wellette Seyon


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Release Date: 2nd April 2021

"Fyah" features Wellette Seyon on vocals for the title track, followed by a triumphant horns cut from Dubkasm's brilliantly talented Digistep on the sax. After that, Dub Conductor take a journey deep into the mixing board with two dubwise cuts of the rhythm, with additional melodica melodies from Lucadread.

Dub Conductor have been crafting this track for more than 5 years! After many many versions of the Rhythm, we can say for certain that we are happy with the result - crisp, clear dubs which blend roots and steppas music just the way we like it!

a1. Dub Conductor - Fyah ft Wellette Seyon

a2. Digistep & Dub Conductor - Air

b1. Dub Conductor - Water Dub

b2. Dub Conductor - Earth Dub