DTR - First Rhythm / Between The Lions (ft. Bukkha) / Walls of Babylon (Akcept remix)


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Released 20th January 2017

DTR makes a welcome return to Foundation Audio with three impeccable heaters for which you simply ain’t ready. The label starts 2017 off with a bang, as its next physical release features the eagerly awaited 'First Rhythm' backed with a dubwise collaboration with dub wizard Bukkha and man of the moment Akcept’s essential remix of label anthem 'Walls of Babylon'. Bridging the gap between Taiwan, Spain and New Zealand, DTR, Bukkha and Akcept have managed to put together a record that has been all over the news. Foundation Audio presents ‘FAV003’.

DTR has been stirring up soundsystem culture a fair bit over the past year, with his debut album showing that whatever tracks he pushes through his analogue audio chain simply turn into gold. His ‘FA018’ is still the main result of this, and is confirmed a timeless seller.

DTRs original ‘First Rhythm’ echoes the soul of dub music vibrantly; a cut that nearly overflows to that darker tip Foundation Audio is notorious for. Profound vocal lines and weighty bass lines quickly pick up to form a wild beast only DTR knows how to control. The melodica in ‘Between The Lions’ glides smoothly over a hotbed of dub fundamentals, in a joint effort with Bukkha. Its core sound forged by the duo is exactly what you need before Akcept goes off with his anthemic interpretation of ‘Walls of Babylon’. As if DTR’s original version wasn’t enough already: Akcept’s piece continues to do a serious amount of damage. For many, DTR’s forthcoming vinyl title has been a popular plate to look out for - and will most definitely fire up the bass charts in 2017. Essential listening!

a1. First Rhythm

b1. Between The Lions (ft. Bukkha)

b2. Walls of Babylon (Akcept Remix)