DSC - Far Reaching EP


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Released 21st April 2017

Holding Hands is blasting off with a bang of cosmic proportions, featuring two cuts from Desert Sound Colony’s dance floor alter ego ‘DSC’.

Far Reaching, as its name suggests, takes inspiration from the deep well of our musical past. Drum & bass, jungle, breaks, house and hardcore are all present. That being said, this is not just a revival record. These sounds combined take your mind out of the past and place it firmly in a previously unimagined future. Hard as nails to begin with, the track eventually builds to a glorious rapture.

Too Hard is deep like the Mariana Trench and made for dance floor meditation. Kicks rock you back and forth as a soft canvas of pads drapes itself over your mind. Space is the place people, space is the place.

Both tracks are produced and sculpted for the club. They want big sound systems and dark rooms.

Close your eyes, hold hands and experience transcendental space flight…

DSC Bio 2017

After several years writing and touring as the band Desert Sound Colony, Liam Wachs has decided to move back to his roots with a new dance music alias, ‘DSC’.

His previous releases on Scissor & Thread were informed by 60s psychedelia and his pastoral surroundings in the British countryside. Pulsating, and built on a core of slowed down club rhythms. Now with the advent of DSC and his own label Holding Hands, he is looking more towards London and Leeds where he spent his formative years. Small dark rooms with big sound systems are the inspiration. Beats and space are there for the exploration.

Holding Hands

Holding Hands is a record label with very simple goals. Put out banging tunes on black vinyl and get them to DJs who want to rinse them in clubs.

We aren't interested in all the bells and whistles. Colour vinyl where you can't see where one track starts and another ends. Lovely artwork is nice but for our purposes it's unimportant. 

This is music that hits you in the gut and rattles your bones. Music that makes the end of your nose itch as certain frequencies come soaring out of the sound system. These are the tunes that you hear when your eyes are rolling back in your head with your best friends all around you on the dance floor.

It is how it should be. In the club we are all holding hands.

a. Far Reaching

b. Too hard