DS - Hey Mister / Watcha Gonna Do With My Lovin


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Release Date: 14th November

In search of the perfect piece of veal to create yet another variation of the schnitzel, we've sent out a team to New York and followed up on a lead regarding taking us all the
way to the vibe alleys of Kingston, Jamaica. 

The results are just as confusing as they are satisfying, since it turns out that heat, tranquillity as well as endless traffic jams are all factors accountable for a
nice and tender slice of deliciousness. 

The island's variation of up tempo deep tissue massages, as opposed to the confusingly more laidback style of the New York method both make for a great preparation, and are now served on both sides of this schnitzel before you. As always vinyl only and limited to a number that will most likely serve most of you, but probably not all of you.


a1. Hey Mister - (DS Rework)

b1. Watcha Gonna Do With My Lovin - (DS Rework)