DRS - Mid Mic Crisis [CD Edition]


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01. The View Ft LSB & Tyler Daley

02. Concrete Blocks Ft DJ Die & Addison Groove

03. No Answers Ft Skeptical

04. Raptors Ft DJ Die

05. Captivity Ft Lynx

06. Try Out Ft Micall Parknsun

07. Diablo Ft Dub Phizix

08. The Puppeteer Ft Jubei

09. Mid Mic Crisis - Toddla T & Terri Walker

10. Coldest Hearts Ft Drumsound & Bassline Smith

11. Emergency Ft Marcus Intalex

12.What They Do Ft Shola & S.P.Y

13.One and Only Ft Sticky Blood

14. Do What You Do Ft True Tiger

15. Bun Ya Too Ft Marcus Intalex, Chimpo, Fox, Rolla, Skittles & Strategy

16. Something To Believe In Ft Calibre