Dominick Martin - Shine a Light


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A1–TheTruth (FeatDRS) Dominick Martin starts the LP off with something for the songsters amongst you. DRS provides the vocals, and the lyrical content for the track is its strong point. Support with metronomic piano stabs, orchestral hits and solid beat work make the backing track feel complete. The addition of more ethereal sounds pulls The Truth into a deeper vibe without going into depth charge territory.

A2 – Change really does do what says on the tin when compared to the previous track. Laid back grooves with a jazz twist, the lead sounds on the track noodle along with the sort of abandon that one expects from this type of track. The vocal adds a haunting quality to this lazy summer chiller from manila, a great tune.

A3 – The Marches continues down the free jazz route. Great piano work and subtle bass lines that permeate at selected moments work very well indeed. The production here is top drawer, the percussive elements flow and sway in a live late night lounge style, the result will have you nodding your head and tapping your feet.

A4 – Last Kiss The final track on the A-side of the LP goes down a very thought provoking path. Lush strings and orchestral interludes add real quality. The vocal adds to the depth of the tune, and the placing of the vox is superb and timely. The beats and bass elements are subtle and allow the sensitivity of the strings and vocal to play the leading role.

B1 – Beyond The flip side kicks off with a more up-tempo affair. Really uplifting synths and lead sounds give the tune positive energy. The beats are very progressive in the sense of rhythm and stand up to the demands of an experimental dance floor. The vocals sit well in the mix and the placing and arrangement is very modern and executed to perfection.

B2 – Something I Said Back to the laid back jazzology, this track is very chilled and is something you could imagine as the intro to True Detective (TV Show, Although other shows are available). This has such a together feeling as a complete piece of music with great beats, cool sounds and a deep and thoughtful vocal.

B3 – The Tide Slow and low with brushed percussion and double bass that has a soothing and soft quality to it. The piano chugs along in a very mellow feeling, this is coupled with little pad extracts that draw you into the depths when played. The delayed guitar parts that reveal themselves every now and again add to the deepness, this is proper early morning sunrise stuff.

B4 – Man on the Road The LP finishes with a flourish, Man on the Road has a more energy driven sound. This is reflected in the soundscape and vocals used in the track. Beats flitter along and the use of filters on them add a nice touch. The main body of the sounds are full and fleshed out, and the song lyrics are beautifully mesmerizing. This is a great end to a well-conceived LP, definitely late night business, so get one well you can.

a1. Dominick Martin - The Truth (ft. DRS)

a2. Dominick Martin - Change

a3. Dominick Martin - The Marches

a4. Dominick Martin - Last Kiss

b1. Dominick Martin - Beyond

b2. Dominick Martin - Something I Said

b3. Dominick Martin - The Tide

b4. Dominick Martin - Man On The Road