Dom & Fierce / Dom & Xanadu - Just Loop It / Ultraviolet


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Released 3rd February 2017

LIMITED EDITION DEEP BLUE COLOURED VINYL. Dom & Roland’s Label has gone from strength to strength from its conception in 2006. Featuring collaborations by Dom with other Artists such as Noisia, Hive and Amon Tobin the label has continued to push sonic boundaries whilst staying true to it’s ethos of “not selling out”. Dom & Fierce 'Just Loop It' After a quick first session at Fierce’s house in Bristol, Dom took their simple idea back to London to mix. Several days later Dom had finished a masterpiece of groovery 16 bars long. Excitedly he sent it to Fierce so he could play it that weekend. Fierce was like “What’s this? it’s 25secs long!” Dom was like “Just Loop it” . Fierce thought this was Hilarious..... He “Just Looped it” and played it out in his sets much to the enjoyment of all the people attending. Dom and Fierce then got together again to finish the arrangement about 3 years later as the tune completely destroyed dancefloors! They decided to keep the name as it made them laugh.

Audio coming soon.

a1. Dom & Fierce - Just Loop It
b1. Dom & Xanadu - Ultraviolet