Dogpatrol - ORPHEUS009


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Released 14th December

"I met Marcell at a gig I played at Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg earlier this year, he was serving beers behind the bar all night, it was a fun but not so busy party. The club shut the doors early and we were holed up in this old train station-come-club having a few drinks into the early hours. We sat down, chewed the fat and bonded over Jungle (and UK music in general). Marcell's buddy Phillip was insistent on me checking out his tunes through a small little bluetooth speaker!!! and these sorts of scenarios never quite play out how you'd like them too right?! This one did!" Patrick Conway

a1. Crying Shimp

a2. Friends (Tape Mix)

b1. Emperor Penguin

b2. Groundhog Day