DLR - Sofa Sound 001


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Release Date: 27th October 2017

DLR needs little introduction; his name has become synonymous with underground drum & bass and from the beginning he’s stayed true to his roots – he’s never watered down his sound for a more commercial appeal. This stance has seen DLR rise to notoriety, even after his very first output. And following his releases on Metalheadz, Dispatch, Utopia, Shogun Audio and Break’s prolific Symmetry imprint, he’s embarked on a journey which will now see him set up his own imprint Sofa Sound, continuing the ethos which has made him so revered.

Sofa Sound was inspired by the creative arts community which flourishes throughout Bristol. It embodies the DIY spirit which has sprung up across its many art spaces, helping to nurture the drum & bass scene there which has continued to grow since it first came to the city’s venues. For their first release, they’ve brought together a three-track EP which gives a taster into what Sofa Sound has planned for the coming months. Featuring label head DLR, as well as collaborator Quadrant and even a free download, ‘Sofa Sound 001’ will stand as a monumental part of the imprint’s back catalogue.

DLR and Quadrant’s ‘Ghostfish’ rolls out on a heavyweight bassline which quickly switches to subterranean levels, drawing you deeper with every pulsing sub. Its percussive elements cut through the mix, shaking the composition and giving an edge with every successive drum beat. ‘Ghostfish’ is heavyweight business... Neither DLR nor Quadrant pulls the breaks following each tide of sonic.

Up next is DLR’s standalone offering ‘Don’t Make Sense’, a crushing, unforgiving roller with moody atmospherics and stabs of distortion. The track rattles amongst snipped up vocal samples and keyed note patterns, creating an unfamiliar soundscape for you to immerse your aural synapses. And finally, you’re introduced to free download ‘Throwback’, living up to its namesake with metallic kicks and snares which add to the track’s punch. DLR nods to his roots throughout ‘Throwback’, proving his longevity in the game. This history will be brought into the soul of Sofa Sound... A label which will become a staple within drum & basses discography.

a1. DLR & Quadrant - Ghostfish

b1. DLR - Don't Make Sense