DLR & Break - Hit The Target / NADS


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Release Date: 20th August 2021

Long time friends and collaborators DLR & Break finally give dub-plate classic 'Hit the Target' the nod to see the light of day, there isn't much we can say about 'Hit the Target' that hasn't been said already so we'll move onto NADS.

It's a rare treat seeing a DLR solo track on the label (fear not, there is already a plan at hand to remedy this) and when they arrive- they do not disappoint. Listening to NADS it's not difficult to see why James DLR has become so popular across the sub-genres of Drum & Bass, a rare artist whose ability to achieve sonic perfection does not compromise the funk aesthetic that is so important for the label and indeed himself.

a1. DLR & Break - Hit The Target

b1. DLR - NADS