/DL/MS/ - Exit Ghost


(£11.98 Incl VAT)


Release Date: 1st June 2018

Deep space techno electro on TRUST celebrating the label's year XX. /DL/MS/ is the viennese duo behind recent Frustrated Funk outing, 'Omakuda', last year's TRUST29, 'Rogue Intent', as well as one of the most-played electro tracks of 2017 - their remix of Second Storey's 'Attack Of The Modlings'. 'Exit Ghosts' takes the /DL/MS/ sound far into haunted new orbits, trading some of its earthy rumble for more ethereal emanations. stark and sombre bass signals return, but find themselves enveloped in delicately threaded string anomalies, copious amounts of melodic ectoplasm, and spirit-like liquid funk dilutions. Vinyl 12" contains three locked grooves and ships in new TRUST XX color sleeves.

a1. Tides

a2. Honokida

b1. Exit Ghost

b2. Terminal Din A