DJH - Unfinished Biznizz EP


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Release Date: 27th November 2020

DJH was 15 when he wrote his first EP back in 1993. That EP became a near mythic release within the hardcore vinyl collecting circles with a price tag of over £700 on Discogs! Vinyl Fanatiks tracked down Danny and organised its re-release back in 2019, with the release selling out rapidly.

Now DJH is back, 27 years later, in the studio recording his first hardcore tracks since the glory years, inspired by the love and support shown by all who bought his repress. So if that was you, thank you for making him return to his first love. And what a return it is. Four incredibly authentic hardcore tracks, recorded in 2020, including his smasher from the ‘Hardcore Lockdown’ album – ‘Hold Tight’. Not only that, but he has revisited his seminal tune ‘Petruccio’ and has remixed it.

I hope you show DJH your support and love and embrace him and this EP into your collection.

a1. DJH - Hold Tight

a2. DJH - 91

b1. DJH - Come Back

b2. DJH - Who's Petruccio?