DJ Wax - Lostwax EP [Red 12" Vinyl]


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Released 13th July 2018

8205 Recordings is back in 2018 with more previously unreleased gems from the heyday of hardcore/jungle. This time around, it's back to 93 with four tracks of serious darkness from DJ Wax, a well known DJ/producer of the time responsible for the classic tune "Moments So Dark". "Lostwax EP" features two freshly unearthed tracks which have never been heard before in any form: the moody-yet-uplifting "808 Darkness Pt2", and the absolutely relentless "Thunderbirds Are Go". Also included is a previously unreleased remix of a track off DJ Wax's Darkwax EP, here titled "Not For Sale". Finally, for those without the original, a freshly remastered version of “Moments So Dark” is included, as played back in the day by Grooverider, Ray Keith, DJ Ratty, Simon Bassline Smith, and many more hc/jungle dons.

a1. 808 Darkness Pt 2

a2. Not For Sale

b1. Moments So Dark

b2. Thunderbirds are Go