DJ Sports / SPCE - Person Hideaway


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Released 21st October 2016

What's on HELP008? Mainly music from the Arhus-boy DJ Sports. It's sort of a debut, but Sports has released a bunch of tracks on Regelbau and Help over the past years, solo + with his groups Maizena, Sportscentral and Lester. This young sensible producer initiates the release with the breaky [Hidden Sh'paerz] that has a cool piano. Next another leftwing original from Sports. This one, with its flute, breakbeat, confident synth chords and beautiful minor nature is a favourite of Mr. Sports Parents. 'This one is our favorite', his parents. If we haven't lost you so far, the flipside contains a Timeman Dance Version with more danceability, hook and playing time than the original version of 'The Bridge' that was released on the tape 'Sportscentral'. Last but not least you get an alternative version of that get-in-touch-with-your-inner-passion/synthesizer-melody-rythmical-ambient-track 'Mindless Turns', that also originally appeared on the aforementioned tape. We hope you'll like our new record, that, if on repeat, might provide you hours and hours of by-yourself enjoyment.

a1. DJ Sports - Hidden Spheres

a2. SPCE - The Bridge (Timeman's Dance Mix)

b1. DJ Sports - Person Hideaway

b2. SPCE - Mindless Turns (Mix 2)