DJ Spielberg - Carregada / Calibrada


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Release Date: 26th February 2021

Looking for extra ammo on your after pandemic rave? Say no more, new CARREGADA/CALIBRADA (NSD005) got you covered with four certified bangers, showing DJ Spielberg new directions through a 90’s hard dance fetichism. 

A1 “Carregada/Calibrada” sets the EP archivist tone with a tricky combination of electro beats, gabber chords and guetto tech vocals. A2 “Riberalves Track” intensifies the pace with militant Rotterdam kicks covered by the same kind of vocal snippets. But is on B1 “Verdadeiras” that the heat will burn with a tempestuous arrangement made of a infamous chord progression and a trap break that no one could guess. B2 “Mesmo Blessed” closes the EP with a 160bpm-junglist-bass track infected by dreamy synth pads. It’s not about simple recreation, it’s about mutating the infinite possibilities of the originary hardcore rave sound without fillers, everything straightforward.

a1. Carregada/Calibrada

a2. Riberalves Track

b1. Verdadeiras

b2. Mesmo Blessed