DJ Sliink / KingThing / Mr Mageeka - Jansen / Invasive Species Remix / Most [2x12"]


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Elevater Action

Released 11th December 2015

DJ Sliink, springing from the Jersey Club scene, has built an impressive reputation for his contributions to North American dance music. So much so that Vibe Magazine included him on their list of 30 DJ's to watch. His angular, spare take on club music can be described as straight forward, as much as a punch in the face can be described as straight forward anyway.

Elevater Action's cadre of producers and DJ's emerged from the nascent UK Funky scene of 2010, running a monthly event that followed the bleeding edge of that sound as it morphed into the nebulous genre of "Bass Music". The collective hosted DJ Sliink to a packed house in 2012, and have featured a diverse range of artists including HXdb, Distal, Donga, Cosmic Revenge, Prism, and Mike G.

As a label, Elevater Action puts aside ego and theatrics to focus on forward thinking, quality releases for fans of the ever-evolving concept of the sound system. There's no better way of expelling hubris than using their third vinyl release to again showcase artists they respect and admire, this time via two of the best remixes of Elevater Action's own productions.

DJ Sliink's reworking of FBOM's haunting 'Jansen' gives a muscular edge to the original, with crushing bass and a stark intensity that's set to tear up vinyl sets everywhere. A longtime favorite of the EA crew, KingThing reworks Dylan C's fantastic "Invasive Species" into a thumping, slow-burn of uncontrollable gyration. The propulsive, but dark brand of minimalism exhibited by both tracks is primed to ignite the dance floor.

The Stateside bass collective Elevater Action's 5th vinyl release finds London based maestro Mr. Mageeka delivering 2 cuts of visceral and hypnotic house music. Previously known as MC Mega, Mageeka has been a part of the UK garage movement since it's formative years and the authenticity of his music speaks for itself with relentless and truly unique vibes. The A-side "Most" finds him at top form: swing-driven four on the floor with a timeless bass line that rolls seamlessly into soulful pads and tastefully placed chords, with a frenetic vocal hook that doesn't let up. The B Side Vinyl exclusive "Up In Smoke" features a sexy and sinister organ line leading into a bonafide sermon about Jack himself. Peppered with a swaggering vocal chant that keeps the intensity high throughout the track, the raw groove revives a classic sound into a modern context. EA's own Dylan C closes out the plate with a stripped down dub edit of Most, bringing the vibe of the original into a darker context with cryptic bass flexes and stripped down, minimal percussion while the vocal of the original melts into hallucinatory staccato. Out on March 23rd from Elevater Action with exclusive distribution through Triple Vision.

a1. FBOM - Jansen (DJ Sliink Remix)

b1. Dylan C - Invasive Species (KingThing Remix)

c1. Mr Mageeka - Most

d1. Mr Mageeka - Up in Smoke

d2. Mr Mageeka - Most (Dylan C Remix)