DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist Play Afrika Bambaataa (Renegades Of Rhythm Exclusive Tour Book)


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Limited edition of 2500 copies. Hand silk-screened cover w/ art by Paul Insect. 80 full-color perfect bound pages. 

To commemorate Cut Chemist & DJ Shadows Renegades Of Rhythm tour Boo Hooray has prepared this limited edition tour book. Inside you’ll find exclusive texts by DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and Afrika Bambaataa detailing the history of the Zulu Nation, the history of Hip Hop DJ-ing and Bambaataa as well. 

Included are full color reproductions of numerous original records, test pressing and acetates from Afrika Bambaataa’s collection. As DJ Shadow says of the records used on the tour and featured in the book, “They’re his records, with his blessings. this isn’t just ANY copy of ‘X’ breakbeat, it’s THE copy, THE copy that started everything.” 

Also included are full color images of dozens of funky-fresh, original Bambaataa hip hop flyers, rare drawings, rare photographs and more including lists of Bambaataa’s favorite breaks.