dj poolboi - Rarities EP [White 12" Vinyl]


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Release Date: 26th February 2021

2020 was a big year for dj poolboi (AKA Adam Ansley); his debut LP ‘it’s good to hear your voice’ and a remix for Moby amongst his achievements - now the Austin native has turned his mind to the UK with a shimmering four-track release on Shall Not Fade. ‘rarities ep’ is the premiere release in a new series, Classic Cuts, which focuses on feel-good sounds of all styles, with a nostalgic edge.

Ansley describes his sound as “music to skate to” and rarities has some of that languid summertime feel to it, but has a vibe that brings to mind a boat party on some sun-baked French coastline more than a skatepark. It opens with ‘Ghosts’; a track as melancholic as the title. Touched with faint vinyl crackle, lingering keys draw you into a driving house beat that is danceable despite its haunting air. Where ‘Ghosts’ has you slowly swaying to the beat, beer in hand, ‘Tu Tienes Mi Corazon’ is a hands-in-the-air banger - all subtle bassline and slow natural breaks. Saxophone melts in and out of the background and the A-side fades away into birdsong. On the B-side, ‘Elope’ leans into the summery day-party energy replete with syncopated organic percussion; it’s a track that ebbs and flows wonderfully.

Closing out the record, ‘Before You Go’ is the most “electronic” piece, a nod to electro that forefronts the earworm bassline. The EP is a balm for the soul that is made for the festival season.

a1. Ghosts

a2. Tu Tienes Mi Corazon

b1. Elope

b2. Before You Go