DJ Overdose - Don't Get Burned EP


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Release Date: December 2016

In keeping with the labels 303 based theme, things kick off with 'Blue Flame', which sees DJ Overdose delve into serious 4x4 territory with angelic like synth stabs, jackin’ beats and gnarly acid lines. 'Bare Bonus Bounce' is a stripped back version of 'Blue Flame' that retains the vocal samples, funk and jacking 4x4 beats. The flip side kicks off with 'Acid Lovely', a hefty 303 laden electro work out that certainly lives up to its name. The EP finishes off with 'Work Is Work' which retains the vocal samples of 'Blue Flame' laid out over a raw and gritty electro beat.

a1. Blue Flame

a2. Work Is Work

b1. Acid Lovely

b2. Bare Bonus Bounce