DJ Manny - Signals In My Head [Pink LP]


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Release Date: 23rd July 2021

Despite being firmly embedded within the Footwork scene, DJ Manny has yet to receive the kind of attention his peers have. His joyous new album for Planet Mu "Signals In My Head" is set to alter that for good.  Manny's sound has widened out and taken on a more romantic edge. He openly admits that his goal for the new album was "to do something that nobody (in Footwork) had ever done before which is an R&B love type of album. I just want people to know it's love out there."  Tracks like "U Want It", "Never Was Ah Hoe" and the title cut "Signals In My Head" are strong standouts. DJ Manny has succeeded in moving himself forward. "Signals In My Head" brings us back to the joy of Footwork as a dance, as a mid-west American movement and most importantly as a mental and spiritual boost.

a1. Never Was Ah Hoe
a2. U Want It
a3. You All I Need
a4. Club GTA
a5. Wants My Body (ft. DJ Chap)
a6. All I Need
b1. Havin' Fun (ft. DJ Phil)
b2. Good Love
b3. That Thang
b4. Smoke 'n' Fade Away
b5. Signals In My Head
b6. At First Site