DJ Madd - Interstellar Dub / Spook Dub


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We are thrilled to bring you a fresh plate from Peter Simon, better known to the world of bass music as DJ Madd. Respected worldwide for his infectious brand of roots/reggae-heavy dubstep and dubwise that spans the tempo spectrum from dancehall to jungle, he has released on crucial bass-centric labels such as Moonshine, Black Box, the legendary WAR series of white labels, his own Roots & Future imprint, and most recently the excellent Cosmic Bridge.

DJ Madd is regularly featured on Rinse FM and BBC Radio, and has been championed by influential DJs from Mary Anne Hobbs to Skream and Breakage.

DJ Madd’s second ZamZam journey moves on from the dark militancy of his first 7”, for a still-heavy but more meditative affair, again showcasing his mastery of space, dynamics and bass-weight in the service of classic dub principles.  While recent outings have seen him pushing into 160bpm ‘slowfast' territory, both tunes here hold it down for the 130-140 massive.  “Interstellar Dub” sets the controls for a warm nebula of sound, beginning with a gorgeous synth melody.  The interplay of spacious reverbs and ricocheting percussion, a worming keyboard line, skanks, majestic horns and massive low end are mesmerizing - familiar in their simplicity and structure, but fresh in their clarity and system-pushing confidence.  Simon takes us into a cosmic realm that is not a hostile void but an inviting home.

Spook Dub” is a haunted tune with a sonic palette linked to the A side, a darkly playful house of dread smoke and mirrors. DJ Madd’s restraint and frequency control are on full display here, as well as his intuitive sense of what makes a great sound system tune. Heavy and crowd-pleasing wares for DJs, dancers, and eyes-downs worldwide.

a. DJ Madd - Interstellar Dub

b. DJ Madd - Spook Dub