DJ Madd - Capture / Slatahouse Dub [180g 12" Vinyl]


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With 6 years and 25 releases under their belt, Dubs Alive Records enters the vinyl realm with two massive cuts from DJ Madd in a heavyweight, 12 inch format.

Madd brings a perfect blend of punchy 808 sound palettes and Reggae roots musicality, flexing his ever growing range of the Dub bass style.

Capture and Slatahouse Dub pound the sound system with their powerful sub pressure, leaving tastefully minimal space while layering of melodic elements enrich the bold, dark statements of these two head rollers. Just a taste of what’s to come, these tunes express the modern dubwise direction that has defined the label as they proliferate the Future Dub sound.

a. DJ Madd - Capture

b. DJ Madd - Slatahouse Dub