DJ Krome & Mr Time - Brok Out / London Talk [180g Silver Vinyl]


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Release Date: 24th January 2020

DJ Krome & Mr Time are the original Jungle Dons. They rose to fame with their releases on Suburban Base back in 1992 (‘This Sound Is For The Underground/The Slammer’) which were huge anthems for the rave scene. But when the rougher, reggae inspired sound of Jungle broke through the airwaves of London in 1993, they were part of the original pioneers to make that sound Massif!

They created Tearin Vinyl, a record label that mainly released music from their area of Hackney, East London. Reggae infused riddims with chopped up Akai beats and a bassline to bring down tower blocks.

To celebrate 25 years of the label, Tearin Vinyl’s debut release ‘Brok Out/London Talk’ has been repressed on krome (silver!) 180 gram vinyl. Originally crowdfunded on Kickstarter in 2019, meeting it target in less than 24 hours!

DJ Krome & Mr Time take you back to 1994 with two heavy hitters that were heavily rotated back in the day. This is Jungle Music as it should be heard, written by two of the genres finest purveyors. It’s now 2020 and the Jungle scene paved the way for Drum and Bass, which has since spawned numerous other genres which built the foundations that have supported many of todays EDM producers.

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a1. DJ Krome & Mr Time - Brok Out 

b1. DJ Krome & Mr Time - London Talk