DJ Koyote & Too Smooth Christ - On Some Party Tunes


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Supergenius Records

Release Date: 11th May 2018

DJ Koyote and Too Smooth Christ team up to release 'On Some Party Tunes', a 3-track EP of collaborative and spontaneous jams. Willing to produce coupe-decale-inspired tracks with old analogue gear, they crafted at the end an hybrid sound mixture, somewhere between South African House, Grime and UK Funky. On 'Error : Does Not Compute', a TR606 meets swirling arpeggios spiced with crystal riffs. A sneaky bass line provides an even more swaying groove to the track. On 'Strike (On-A-String Mix)', a straight-out-of-Pretoria riff meets a strong and conquering string stab on top of a really dry and thumping beat. 'Modern Action' is the most introspective track of the EP, with an M1 pattern flipped upside-down and hazy cymbals rythms.

a1. Error_does not compute

a2. Strike (On-a-string mix)

b1. Modern Action