DJ Dlux & Persian Prince - The Lost Dats 91-95 Vol 4


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Released 6th October 2017

Drowned in 70’s Kung Fu cinema, the Comedic value alone is just Marvellous! Classic iconic Jungle breaks being used here. Hours of fun, beat making, programming, transforming & innovating: Bringing out the entertaining side of this highly artistic endeavour.

Long time Friend DJ Dlux ‘salvaged’ many of Persian’s projects, including the massive UK Garage hit ‘Dangerous’ by ‘Same People’, later licensed & released on Locked On. Its thanks to him sprinkling magic onto Persian’s earlier project’s, they got to see the light of day! There’s not much that can get past the very skilled & international DJ Dlux when it comes to the underground sounds of London. A genuine specialist in underground music & production (Legendary Brain Records stable, Public Ememy, Kele Le Roc, Wiley) who is also known for mentoring some of todays Urban superstars. He is the director of the monthly ‘we play music’ live show which showcases fresh talent. Raised around the London sound systems & the big boss at the infamous Déjà vu FM. Its due to his continual support of the ‘underdog’ that see’s this talented Producer, Engineer, DJ, Artist, being respected amongst his peers.

‘Monkey Kung Fu’ is just Genius! Written in 1991 on a Commodore with only 2 Meg!! Persian / Artist Formerly Known As P.P. / Persian Prince, is the First ‘Underground’ Iranian Artist from the West to appear on the Electronic Scene with an innovating unique sound that still release’s Tune after Tune!

Persian only had 4 tracks to work with in ‘Octamed’: All singing & chatting was recorded onto a Cassette Machine, before being sampled & used in the Amiga. “When 8 Bit, low quality, crusty sample rate ruled the day; you had to be really inventive with what little you had. Limited sampling time forced you to be Creative”

This E.P. displays DJ Dlux & Persian’s writing ability from a young age to write Big Tunes!

Don’t miss out on this Collector’s Limited x 100 Press Only 12” of Jungle History!

a1. DJ Dlux - Drunken Chan

a2. DJ Dlux - 8 Drunk Gods

b1. Persian Prince & DJ Dlux - Monkey Kung Fu

b2. Persian Prince - Revolutionary Junglist