DJ Diamond - Footwork Or Die [LP]


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Duck N Cover

Released 21st October 2016

With 'Footwork Or Die', Chicago's own DJ Diamond returns to the spotlight with a strongly infectious and deep brand new masterpiece, a very worthy successor to his debut album 'Flight Muzik', originally released on the UK's Planet Mu Records in 2011. 2013 saw the release of a reloaded extended version of 'Flight Muzik' and now in late 2016 Duck N' Cover Records is very excited to have the opportunity to bring more of his outstanding music to the ears of a wide audience. Already, with his first album DJ Diamond, aka Karlis Griffin, made clear that he is one of the Footwork scene's most original producers, with a very distinctive style of his own that is not replicable. The epic quality and deepness of some of the brightest moments on 'Flight Muzik' is back and in some cases even topped with his second full length release. The most important factor that made DJ Diamond a local legend long before the debut album was available is the apparent musicality of his productions. The style lends itself also to outsiders, whilst not compromising on the frenzy that is needed to bring the Footworkers the necessary heat. A hybrid, only a genius mind can fabricate! In 2016, DJ Diamond still stands out and shines with a bright light. Experience once again a beautifully sequenced album with stylish artwork for which Duck N' Cover Records is notorious for. A perfectly well balanced compilation of deep and hard hitting material, bearing the mark of a classic great album that will stand the test of time with a smile.

1. Malfunction

2. Karlis Mood

3. Wet

4. Aftermath

5. Tellem

6. Long Live A King

7. That Feeling Again

8. Work

9. Murder Muzik

10. Game Over

11. Dozin

12. Ballin

13. Payback

14. Lab 2 This

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