Digital - Total Control LP Pt. 2


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Release Date: 27th April 2018

Digital releases his second LP within 2 years entitled "Total Control". 
It's not a massive collab fest like his 2016 LP ‘Synthesis’ although, there’s a few on there with artists Nomine, John B, Villem and Digital’s Phantom Audio partner, Spirit.

A strong Jungle vibe runs right through this LP. The opening track, ‘Motherland’ has crisp breaks, a bassline to die for and a haunting unforgettable vocal. Other highlights are Seba’s lush remix of Digital & Response’s, ‘Silver Lining’. ‘On The Rockz’ sounds like a solid piece of 1998 drum and bass, ‘Total Control’ is superb and certainly one for the hardcore ravers, ‘Dreamer’ takes you on a journey you’ve never been before.

Early support includes: Storm, Randall, Goldie, Klute, Jumping Jack Frost, Spirit, Nomine, Double O & Mantra.

4. Digital - Total Control

5. Digital & Spirit, Q Project - To Meeeeee

6. Digital - So Fine