Die Roh - Genghis Kahn EP


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We were very excited indeed to see the third release from the quite promising Love Notes from Brooklyn imprint!

Marco Zenin was a featured artist on the last release under his DJ Octopus guise, and this time he's featured again with his other project, the more techy/ more minimal Die Roh, who recently had an underground athem with their release on Black Venison.

The duo here seemingly lean their sounds in the direction of the label's and offer two-cut EP which is their deepest effort yet to date.

Surely more DJs will play the dancier A side, Behind 6000, but for us, the groovier B side and title track Genghis Kahn is the choice cut. Label owner, Nathaniel Jay, continues in the precendent he's set with each release having its own unique "Love Note", authored by him, making every one of these records collectable.

a. Die Roh - Behind 6000

b. Die Roh - Genghis Kahn