Desolate - Withering Beauty EP


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A1 – Withering Beauty: Starting this wonderful peaceful and thought inducing EP off with a downtempo masterpiece. Withering Beauty is such a well-conceived track with really soft yet revealing sounds. The beats used are a fusion of a couple of breaks, Apache being the most recognizable in the structure but is used really subtly and almost more of a detail around the main break. As far as soundscape goes this is a very deep and well-crafted blend of soft stabs and drippy bleep lead sounds that are held together with soft pads and strings. The use of vox in the track is superb it really gives gravitas to the tune as a whole and takes onto another level. This is a top tune that is very well produced and has bags of feeling.

B1 – Hazy Memories: Hazy Memories follows on with more downtempo and blissful vibes. This has a more of a Sunday Jazz café feeling with its sophisticated laid back groove and arrangement. The stab sounds are drifty and spaced out but retain a real earthy quality to them. The atmosphere behind the main parts is key here as it gives a real three dimensional depth to the piece. The use of little detailed sounds like the vocal snippets is inspired and gives maturity to the arrangement. Then the piano drops in and takes you off into your own headspace and relaxation ensues. The beat structure is a groovy and funky little number that has a 70’s funk vibe but used in a modern way. This is another great tune that oozes quality and delivers it in spades.

B2 – Watercoloured Clouds: The final track on the EP is a more ambient work that takes all of the quality components of what has gone before and merged them into this dreamlike tune. The main pad sounds used here are so deep its like they have been crafted on another world. The piano lead is so wonderfully played and timed that it’s a proper eyes roll moment, by that its meant that you will fall into the depth of the tune and let it wash over you. The detailing is again superb in this track, Desolate certainly knows how to add these elements to great effect. This is the potentially the closest electronic music could get to classical music. Its such a wonderful and thought provoking tune, it’s the sort of piece of music that is so emotional and tear inducing to the listener.

This is the introduction to the forthcoming Album entitled Glyphs Of The Lunar Vinyl tastes better…

a1. Desolate - Withering Beauty

b1. Desolate - Hazy Memories

b2. Desolate - Watercoloured Clouds