Desert Sky - Gaia (2x12" Vinyl)


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Desert Sky

Desert Sky – Gaia (Aural Imbalance Review)

1. Intro | Prepare for atmospheric glory with the 2x vinyl release of Desert Sky by Gaia. The first track starts us off in the distant realms of the psychedelic. The prominent plucked guitar sound takes the lead here with a spatial otherworldly soundscape in support. This is a deep trip type of track that has an earthy quality to it, a very fitting way to start this extended EP.

2. Paulathmo | The second piece takes a more upbeat approach whilst retaining the depth of the sea in its conception. Wonderfully crafted the atmosphere of the track is (In a Yoda voice). The drifting leads and ethereal synth noodles really give movement to the tune. The beat structure glues this all together with its simple but infectious groove, a proper little head bopping track that flows with a great sense of space.

3. Paulathmothrid | Okay track name aside we swing quite literally into this experimental techno number. Bubble and gentle chime sounds permeate through the neck snapping rhythm. This is such a glorious yet minimal place to be, odd for sure much like the title, but well crafted into something that would have the potential to rock a dance floor in a unique and thought provoking way. Each sound has room to breathe and has its own space in which to roam with the other parts of the track.

4. Pale | Pale is a flangemtister’s dream, the beat structure and synth contributors all flange in and amongst each other with the type of abandon that will make your eyes spin. The way that the frequency matches are achieved by doing this are nothing short of inspired. Again we have a head and body shaking minimalist groove, which holds an interest as lots of little edits pop their heads above the parapet of sound. Pale is ironical full of audio colour that smacks of originality and style.

5. Skit | Skit is like something from crazy clock shop in the middle of a dessert. Yes okay that’s a random quote but if you listen to the way that the arrangement has been constructed you can imagine this being the soundtrack to something that’s kind of disturbing but also full of charm (Cue a scene from True Detective or something of that nature (Other shows are available)). The track really does have a mystique all of its own and provides something very different it terms of style.

6. Syrax | The sixth track on the EP has a more half tempo house vibe but with a more mysterious feeling. The beats are easy to follow and this is great because it allows the oddness of the soundscape to rightly take the lead. A stuttered kick, snare and hat combination make up this stripped back yet hypnotizing pattern. The sounds themselves are made up of lots of various elements that include bells, chimes, and a variety woodwind samples. On top of that are vox and other fx that add more to the overall ambience of the tune. All- in-all Syrax has a gentle and soft appeal that would be suited to a more easy listening experience.

7. BUTILIKETOSAY | The final track on the EP is a tribal affair. The parts of the track are almost an amalgamation of what has been heard throughout the EP. The intense rhythm drives the track along and there are lots of percussive sounds that are complex. The way that this has been softened with the musicality is quite special. Its feels intense but equally calming, the timing of the stranger noises seems to arrive perfectly at point of the tune that seems relevant. This may sound obvious from a producer’s point of view, but it’s still something worth noting.

The summary of the Desert Sky EP is really one for the more experimental out there. There’s a lot to love about this release and the variety on offer should appeal to lots of different palettes. When listened to as a whole I think this goes into the give it a go basket, well worth you money and your time.

1. Intro

2. Paulathmo

3. Paulathmothird

4. Pale

5. Skit

6. Syrax


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