Denis Sulta - Sulta Selects Vol 1 [The Remaster]


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Denis Sulta - Sulta Selects Vol 1 [The Remaster]

We have gone back to 2014 to Mr Sultas much sought after debut release and had it completely overhauled by Simon Davey at the Exchange. The original had a slightly annoying little click in one of the tracks that some people noticed [and some didn't...]. Once it was brought to our attention it was getting on our tits too, hence the reason we decided on a re-cut! It sounds even better than before, and is coming on milky white vinyl with possibly even an extra hidden track...

The O.G. copies of this are going for stupid money now, so don't feed the speculators - buy direct and get a better product! ;)

A1. A.A.S (Nite & Day Mix)

B1. A.A.L.A.S

B2. Saturday Nite