Das Komplex - All For Love (2x12" LP)


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Sound and rhythm are effective means of individual’s self-defence in face of chaotic steamroller of everyday life. Hiding in a familiar yet simultaneously hardly recognisable parallel space does not have to result from the need of escaping the world or nurturing one’s ego. Too many times to mention, music appearing under Recognition imprint served as a peculiar type of a vehicle of survival and a tool for internal transformation.

“Hideland”, new record by Polish electronic music producer Jacek Sienkiewicz is released precisely year after “Drifting”, which largely explored tropes of classical club techno sound. Eight (nine in extended CD version) tracks comprising this album go beyond easy-to-pigeonhole genres, creating a microcosm of utopian sound constructs. Surprisingly unobvious and precisely composed release could be fascinating both for loyal fans and for new listeners looking for threads of experimentalism. It’s another intriguing proposal in Jacek Sienkiewicz’s growing discography, but above all - a laboratory where dreams and artistic visions metamorphose into concrete reality.

a1. hide away

a2. first run

b1. desert plan

b2. kingdom of lo

c1. hideland

c2. gone

d1. radionist

d2. last run