Danny T & Tradesman - Up Deh (feat. Mark Iration)


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Released 29th June 2018

The reggae city of Leeds gets a celebration on the new serious stepping release from Scotch Bonnet Records. The Yorkshire capital’s production partnership Danny T and Tradesman, who released debut LP Built For Sound on Scotch Bonnet last year, pair with legendary soundman Mark Iration for a rare vocal outing that shows his hidden talents. Over the thumping kick-drum and room-shaking bass you’d expect from Mark’s sound Iration Steppas, Up Deh is a reality tune about the dangers of life and rewards of music in the ghetto. Across two different flipside dub mixes, Danny T and Tradesman create industrial-strength soundscapes that translate the message into pure unspoken vibes.

a. Up Deh

b1. Down Deh (Mix 1)

b2. Down Deh (Mix 2)