Dan Habarnam - From the Known [CD Edition]


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1 – Record: proper noodles and deepness on the opening track of this very special and spacial LP. Record is the opening gambit and is best served chilled. Haunting atmospheres are the order of the day with blissful pads and delicate attenuations of sound. Little vox samples also give depth and feel to the overall vibe of the track.

2 – Divided: The deep vibes continue into Divided, but this piece has the basis of filtered percussive elements that give more urgency in general. The feeling of the tune has a more metallic sound to it. Industrial sounding snares that have a real crunch to them and in the minds eye are very machine like in their styling. This is all enveloped in a sci-fi soundscape that has its roots in some future mechanical factory or production facility.

3 – The Known: The Known is an interesting piece that has a real gentle touch to it in places. Hypnotic chime sounds permeate the more grinding synth sounds. This really gives a sense of lighter and darker parts working together as one. Keeping the depth to the max this tune has a really positive feeling to it and has a stamp of quality all over it.

4 – Memory: Memory goes down a very eerie path. This track is cold and quite spooky in its ambience. Little drum machine sounds drop in and out of this dark beast and are accompanied with almost acidic noises in places. The main synth sounds are very out there, and add to this the almost incomprehensible vocal snippets really give these an edgy and disturbed feel.

5 – That Image: Wobbly wheel ambience is probably going to be the best way to describe That Image. It has got a great balance of cold and warm sounds that gives a certain charm to the overall track. The over driven sounds really compliment the more drifty and spaced out parts. There are some great edits here, from pitch bent pads to metallic strikes. A nice piece this and is definitely one for the late night noodle mongers amongst you.

6 – Betray The Present: This track has an electricity type of sound, which is applied, to all of the component parts. What is meant by this is that each sound feels like its running through some retro metropolis style Van Der Graaf Generator experiment. The synths and uses of other sounds are well conceived and have a real sense of purpose on the piece.

7 – Becomes: This is the most beat focused of the tracks on the LP up to this point. The groove on this tune is very cool and has a cyclic and very hypnotic presence. The soundscape is again from the more astral side of synthesis with similar elements to what has gone before but worked in a way that suites the understated beat structure of the track, a cool tune this is indeed.

8 – Fragments: This feels like Vangelis’s score of blade runner. Sweeping sounds that have both retro and future appeal. This is a very visual track and smacks of pure quality and wonderment throughout. Great lead synths and supporting sounds give this a proper journey and feeling of sci-fi movies of old. This is such well-produced track as all the individual sounds have time to breathe. This is a skill in itself, as many would be tempted to overload this type of tune.

9–Theories, Dub in space is the feeling that we get with this well conceived and beautifully arranged piece. The atmosphere here is from the top drawer of deepness. The placing of the dub-delayed space echo fx sounds are superb, and the reverbed parts are stunning. When you then add the shuffling delicate beats to the mix it really takes this whole tune into another dimension. This is a great, no superb track, who could not like a bit of roots n culture in their lives, and Theories certainly delivers this in spades.

10 – Regeneration: Dan Habarnam closes the LP off with Regeneration. This is a nice and subtle way to close the album. This has a very subdued and distant style to it. Reversed washes of sound and brushed details give an odd and strange atmosphere. This is the kind of the sound you may imagine of robots and aliens intertwining and moving about in some vast spacecraft.

The From The Known album is definitely coming from a far and spaced out place. What Dan Habarnam has done here is create a coherent LP that touches on realms of sci-fi that draws from the past, present and future. There are moments here that are truly magical and there are also some great production skills on show as well. This is a must have for all you listeners who like your music deep and spacey or have a pons chon for science fiction movie soundtracks.

1. Dan Habarnam - Record

2. Dan Habarnam - Divided

3. Dan Habarnam - The Known

4. Dan Habarnam - Memory

5. Dan Habarnam - That Image

6. Dan Habarnam - Betray The Present

7. Dan Habarnam - Becomes

8. Dan Habarnam - Fragments

9. Dan Habarnam - Theories

10. Dan Habarnam - Regeneration