D-Operation Drop - Warrior March / Sativa Team [7" Vinyl]


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Released 28th July 2017

D-Operation Drop is a 6-man crew from Cesena, Italy with a strong and growing catalog of sound system killers, from orthodox steppers to dubstep abstractions and strange hybrids of the two. Recent releases on Moonshine, Artikal, and Lion Charge have cemented their position, and we are thrilled to invite them into the ZamZam fold with two chunks of 140 weight.

“Warrior March” opens with a mesmerizing pad that immediately draws the unsuspecting into a unique soundworld and doesn’t let go til the runout groove. A smeared, chopping-block snare, deep subsonic rumblings, swung percussion, massed yet minimal horns make a darkly coiled track, menacing yet full of funk and movement.

“Sativa Team” captivates just as deeply with fewer moving parts, loping drums and leaden percussion, churning bassline, chopped and glitched JA-voices and sound tape, and ominous, clipped horns that wobble with tape delay in a strange airless void. Brooding yet cathartic, tripped out but fully physical, with both tunes D-Operation Drop display their total control over a restrained and powerful palette.

Mastered by Lewis at StarDelta

a. Warrior March

b. Sativa Team