D.A.V.E. the Drummer & Marcello Perri - In Safe Hands / Acid Future [180g 12" Vinyl]


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Released 7th October 2016

Dave The Drummer and Marcello Perri get together once again with 2 tracks of techno goodness: In Safe Hands : This is a hard bass-driven industrial kick-drum groove which meets some carefully placed vocal loops and a piercing high synth shot which gives the track a distinct warehouse party vibe. This track is going to detonate those dance floors! Acid Future : This is the first time a squelchy acid line has ever featured on a Hydraulix release. A tough rumbling reverberated drumbeat, firing on all cylinders with a squelchy 303 sat on top. it's even got a voice and some reversed bits of 303 What more could you ask for?

a1. In Safe Hands

b1. Acid Future