Cube - My Cube


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'My Cube' is Cube's first vinyl LP and it is a multifaceted, kaleidoscopic listen, containing a multitude of moods and atmospheres. It sounds like the West Coast's answer to Container, and will appeal to fans of Aussie synth-punks Total Control just as much as it will to fans of Regis, Silent Servant, and their seminal Downwards record label.

Side A begins with a noisy scree, giving way to 'Favorite,' a riotous post-punk storm of churning guitars and drum machines, and ends with the all-too-brief techno beauty of 'Opaque.' Flip the record over and you'll hear the piston-like beats and searing guitar of 'Bargain Water'; soon comes the heavy, dancefoor-ready 'Auto / Composite Face Fetish.' 'My Cube stands' apart, weaving together several different strands of contemporary experimental music into a bold new sound.

a1. First

a2. Favorite

a3. Private

a4. Silhouette

a5. Safe World

a6. Opaque

b1. Commercial for Toothpaste

b2. Bargain Water

b3. Emblem

b4. Auto ÔÇö Composite Face Fetish

b5. No Name ÔÇö Didn't Feel a Thing